jigsaw puzzle tables handmade to fine furniture standards

Jigsaw Puzzle Table individually handmade to fine furniture standards

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Sanford "Sandy" Emerson, joiner
Mystic Valley Farm Woodworking
Wilton, Maine USA

(Maker of the finest quality sawdust since 2003)

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Thanks for stopping by. I know this site is old fashioned and quirky but so am I.

In my one man workshop in the beautiful Mystic Valley of western Maine I make tables for people who enjoy assembling jigsaw puzzles. Folks seem to like them. Take a look around and see what you think.


"Got the table in today. Awesome design! Love the ingenious aspects of how you designed it to be broken down to put away if needed, although we will probably just leave it up as it's a nice piece of furniture. The side "drawers" that come completely out are perfect for puzzle building, no more Tupperware containers for sorting the pieces. The easy way to angle the table up is great. Also want to commend you on the packing for shipping, nice job! Very happy!"

- Gerry, NH


"Mr. Emerson,

This is an outstanding piece of life-long furniture. It is well thought out and executed. The design is so functional as to be perfect!  What a gift...

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours."
- Mike and Jenn, MI



I have received my jigsaw puzzle table. It is simply gorgeous and I just love it.   It was wrapped and shipped with perfection.  I see no damages on my new table.  I can't wait to start on my new puzzles I received last Christmas. Now that I have a new beautiful amazing table I can begin my adventure putting my new puzzles together. 

Thank you so much."
- Lisa, MO


"Hi Sandy,

The table arrived in perfect shape. You packaged it so securely! We set it up and it is gorgeous. The design is simply genius, and the craftsmanship is so detailed and expert. Thank you so much! It will be a delight for our family to use this for generations to come."
- Wendy, MT


"Just wanted to shout a huge 'THANK YOU' !!!! What a wonderful surprise we had opening the table Christmas morning at our daughter's house. The table is awesome! You made a great quality piece that she will treasure for years to come. Her cat even tried to climb on it right away.  

Anyway, hope you are having a great vacation and thanks again for going above and beyond to deliver for us! 

Best wishes for a fantastic new year."
Amy, OH


"Worth. Every. Penny. And. Mile.

Dear Sandy,

 I can't thank you enough for crafting my puzzle table. We bought it as a 50th-birthday-surgery-recovery-tenure-celebration gift and it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

 I am delighted to see that business is thriving. I wish you a wonderful vacation and also appreciate your sensible words regarding getting through the pandemic."
- Marie, CT


"Hi Sandy, 

I wanted to let you know that I received the table and it arrived safe and sound.

I have to commend you for your work, it is beautiful. I was also very impressed with the way that you packaged the table. It was so well protected. I see that you have great Tetris skills with the packaging. 

Thank you for your work and I will most definitely recommend you for future projects." 
- DeAnna, CA


"Good Morning, Sandy,

I wanted to let you know the puzzle table arrived yesterday safe and sound. You did an incredible job packaging it!!

It is a beautiful table and my husband is already working a puzzle on it. This table was a gift for his 60th birthday. :)

We have 2 cocker spaniels; and one of them loves to eat puzzle pieces. As hard as my husband tried to keep them out of her reach, she always managed a way to eat several pieces.

He will have years of happiness now working his puzzles.

Thanks so much for such a quality table!"
- Beth, AR



My table is up and running!!!!! Fantastic!!! My Colby graduate son put it together for me with no complaining ...amazed at the quality and the packing too!!!  Thank you so much for your impeccable workmanship. I think of Maine every time I look at it. Keep safe and healthy."
- Donna, NY



Our table arrived yesterday. Thank you for packaging it so carefully. It arrived in excellent condition and your craftsmanship is amazing.

We already have a puzzle going. We are 100% pleased and will enjoy this table for puzzles and games for many, many years. Thank you."

- Lee and Nancy, GA


"Hi, Sandy,

My husband Steve just loves his table. Uses it every single day even for a little bit. What a perfect gift and one that can be handed down to kids. I even put the cover on one day and used it for my Mahjong afternoon with friends!"
- Belinda, AZ


"Dear Sandy,

Our table arrived last evening from UPS.  Wow, very impressive packaging!  And the table itself is just as beautiful as we had hoped it would be.  Thank you very much for the excellent craftsmanship and design work.  I am certain that it will be used and enjoyed for many years.

As it turns out, our table probably could not have come at a better time.  Yesterday WA's governor ordered a full shut down of non-essential business and other activity.  The new table will be put to immediate full time use.  It's a great addition for us."
- Ron, WA


"Hi Sandy,

I just wanted to say, "thanks" for the beautiful table. Although I haven't broken it in yet, I am enjoying just looking at it and admiring your handiwork. The packing job was pretty perfect too! You can tell you have all this down to a science. Looking forward to enjoying it for many years. Thank you again."

- Susan. FL


"Hi Sandy!

We unpacked our puzzle table today and we love it! It's a beautiful piece of furniture and it is obvious that a lot of thought went into making it perfect! We appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this great, practical, table for puzzle lovers! 


On another note, our cats have already checked out every inch of it! "
- Maureen, MD



I finally unboxed and assembled our table for my wife's birthday and I can only say we were thrilled and amazed at how well it turned out.  Thank you so much for the extra attention to detail in the finishing.  The table is truly a work of art and we will both enjoy it for many years to come.  

PS - The wrapping and packaging job on the table was almost as impressive as the table itself.  Everything arrived very secure, and without a scratch on it.  Thanks again for the care you show in your work!"
- Jeff, IL

"Sandy, the table arrived this week and we put it up last night.  It is stunningly beautiful, functional and just well made.  My wife and I love it and we have a puzzle set up and ready to go for us and our family for the Christmas weekend. 

The table is getting rave reviews and my brother in law from Pennsylvania is very interested in acquiring one.  I will send him your way.

Thank you for manufacturing a great product."
- Brett, CA

"I just wanted to say thank you for your keenly designed, beautifully crafted, wonderful puzzle table! It's amazing and a total game changer for my puzzling! It means a lot to me. I'm sitting it at it right now, listening to my cello - puzzling"
- Kirstin, CO

"I just wanted you to know that I received my beautiful puzzle table last Friday!!  With your careful instructions we were able to get everything set up and I have been enjoying my table since then! 

"I expected to find a quality table based on everything I read on your website, but I am discovering many tiny, impressive details that make this truly a work of art.!!!!

"Thank You!"
- Susan, CA


"We love it! It is everything we were looking for, and more. What a beautiful piece of furniture to pass on. It is one of a kind. Again, thank you."
- Tracey, NY

"I would like to THANK-YOU for this Most Beautiful Puzzle Table! I am very lucky to have found your site and just in time for the Holidays. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season! Much Gratitude."
- Susan, Washington, DC

"Your table is so beautiful!!  My mother has just been in awe and thrilled.  I wish I could send you some of her comments by voice for you to hear.  The number of times I have heard (in various ways) beautiful, really really nice, perfect design, this man really had a good idea, such craftsmanship is significant."
- Richard, CT

"Sandy - My jigsaw puzzle table arrived safely--no nicks or scratches.  You did a great job packing it!

It is beautiful--your workmanship is so fine--reminds me of my father who also did furniture and cabinet making (a talent I did not learn from him).  I look forward to many years of enjoyable puzzle making.

Thank you again for sharing your ingenuity and craftsmanship."
- Mary, CO