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Sanford "Sandy" Emerson, joiner
Mystic Valley Farm Woodworking
Wilton, Maine USA
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About Me

Hello.  My name is Sandy Emerson and I live in the beautiful Mystic Valley in the mountains of Western Maine.  So... why should you consider buying a jigsaw puzzle table from my little shop in the Maine woods? Well...

After 35 years as a law enforcement officer in the State of Maine I have happily retired to my workshop, where I'd spent a good part of my own time for many years creating custom cabinetry and furniture for the local and internet trade.  I'm a moderately crusty native "Maineiac," married (with cats) and I like to ski and bicycle.

I've become accustomed to being "of an age". Many precious things come with that. My personal favorites are a quiet sense of perspective with a touch of whimsy and the lack of a boss to whom I have to (once again!) explain my views on the inanity of human behavior.

These days I work on one thing at a time and I admit to being slow and methodical. If you are looking for a quick turnaround, I'm not your boy. If you want a carefully crafted table at a fair price and you're of a mind with me, then maybe I am. I'm just old fashioned enough to think that craftsmanship is important and takes time which, I've come to realize as I grow older, has great value.

Just for fun here's a photo of my shop at the end of the rainbow after a spring shower.

Rainbow over my shop

To see me at work in my shop in a 2 minute time lapse video click below.


Lower def version

My Guarantee

I know very well that ordering a piece online based on photos and copy written to sell you something takes a bit of a "leap of faith".  Because of that I offer a money back guarantee. If the table I make for you is not satisfying, ship it back to me in good condition within thirty days and I'll refund your original payment. If things go as they normally do this shouldn't be an issue, but . . .


Contacting Me

If you have questions or concerns you'll have to make contact with me by email.  After a long career in public service I've stopped using the telephone except for life-threatening emergencies.  I'm also not on Facebook, Twitter or any of those other social media thingeys. Unlike some I check my email often and try to reply quickly.

 "... I have to say (Facebook) sounds like a huge waste of time." - Betty White, Saturday Night Live, May 8, 2010

 (Thanks, Betty, you're
 still my hero!

Requiescat in Pace)