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About My Jigsaw Puzzle Tables


The design for these tables has developed over the years from an idea that my wife, who is a devout "puzzler", originally presented to me as a solution to a domestic problem we had.  Our cats had always shown an interest in inspecting any puzzles we had in progress on the dining room table.  One, however, had taken to stealing and hiding random pieces on us, while another thought the pieces were delicious!  Since we love both puzzles and our cats, something had to be done.
Nefret Emerson
As it stands today the table design works very well at keeping puzzles in progress safe from interference. It is also wheelchair friendly, saves valuable table space and allows a partially completed puzzle to be moved about the home freely without fear of the destruction of all that hard work!

Each of my tables is individually handcrafted to order, signed and numbered. I work to traditional fine furniture standards using cherry hardwood and some modern materials which combine for a solid, heavy, aesthetically pleasing and functional piece.

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(Actual hardware may vary depending on availability)

Jigsaw Puzzle Table Jigsaw Puzzle Table Jigsaw Puzzle Table

The Jigsaw Puzzle Table's surface is cherry veneer and the table finish is a durable satin polyurethane, which is low glare and makes sliding pieces around easy, as well as being quite attractive. The hardware is brass, because I'm a Navy vet and I learned the hard way how nice it looks polished up.

A removable cherry veneer cover prevents disruption between sessions, as well as allowing the table to be used for board or card games with a puzzle in progress. The natural finish shown in this photo is standard on all tables.

This photo shows the four convenient drawers, which may be removed and used as sorting trays.

Jigsaw Puzzle Table Jigsaw Puzzle Table Jigsaw Puzzle Table

In this photo the table is shown with the legs separated and folded for storage or transport.

This photo shows the ebonized leg finish option available for an additional $150. and the tilt option which is available for $50.

Casters are also available for an additional $25.

The standard table height is 30". I also offer a "Coffee Table" height of 18" and a "TV Table" height of 27" as no cost options.
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To see views of my tables in use please check my Gallery page.

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